I have been faster, slower… a lot slower.  I weighed far more then I do now, and far less a few years ago. I did more, and had more time. I was stronger, and I have been, in the very near past, a whole lot weaker. I have had a lot more money, not knowing where to spend it, kinda money. And been so broke, where I lived on rice and coffee. I have been able to get myself to some very blissful and wonderful mental places and struggled with depression and knew that it would pass.

So. When pondering my goals and resolutions, I go back to when I was happy. It’s really not losing weight, getting more money or re-organizing my life.  I am hoping to make myself happy and not trying to impress people or try to fit in. Oh, and it doesn’t come easy to me. I default into trying to impress people. I don’t like doing it and cringe when I hear myself talking that way. Being real has been a wonderful evolution for me. I have never fit in and now I love not being squeezed into a mold that clearly is not for me. And not making goals to meet other people expectations or trying to play catch up with others. That’s not my game, and it never has been. I get that.

So, I’m inviting you to relish your goals with what makes you happy. How do you want to spend this tiny slice of a year in a very short life on this earth. Mine include adventure, hanging out with lovely people, exploring my heart and being a good mom. Those things make me happy. What is your BIG WHY of what is on your list? And please don’t be impressed, that is not what I was going for.

Oh, and the #top5in26days will be back on again soon. My pops got very sick and I picked taking care of him and putting the blog on hold.