I am a little late on the scene for podcasts. But I really love them and they make the miles melt away as you hang on to the stories that float to your ears. Here are my favorite podcasts to listen to while running, driving or writing blogspodcast. Like I said, I am new to this whole thing, so if you have any other ones that are awesome, please comment below!

1. Radio Lab. Fascinating heady science stuff that blows my mind and sometimes warms my heart. One of my favorites is about ultra runner Diane Van Daren.

2. This American Life. So, I never likes TAL because of the voice of the narrator and head guy, Ira Glass. Then I saw him, and he was so gosh darn cute. Then I was hooked. Great stories and amazing people.

3. Car Talk. I don’t know 1 thing about cars, but I could listen to The Car Guys forever. They are so funny, goofy and genuine, you can’t help but smile.

4. WTF. Oh, Marc Maron. You fascinate me. All your self deprecating talk and very insightful interviews with comedians and musicians. You. Are. Rad. Take that, Maron.

5. The Nerdist. Last, but not least, this guy. Witty and gives great interviews. And he’s pretty cute.