I took this topic from Facebook when I asked YOU for the topic. This one is a good one. What do you say to people when they say something non-supportive about your running activity. I think before I spout off a list on this, it’s important to remember 2 things. When people vomit all over your awesomeness, by dashing your accomplishments, THEY are usually the one they are referring to. People usually project their own insecurities about something new or different on to someone else. So, take that into thought before punching them in the face. A little compassion goes a long way. This being said, 2nd one, don’t tell people who aren’t supportive. This goes for ANYTHING new you are doing. If you really want to do it, tell people who are your cheerleaders. When I started running, I called my dad when I did my first 2 miles…not my mom. Nope. Not her. She understands now, a little, and is more supportive, but I knew she would call me crazy when I started. So, here are some tried and tested comebacks for those people. CAUTION: These may get snarky! Image

1. “I heard running running is bad on your knees” (comeback with sarcasm) I heard sitting on your ass makes you lose weight, and reach your goals and get healthy.

2. “I hate running” (comeback with honesty) I hated running when I started too. Just like anything good in life, it just takes a bit for your body to get use to it.

3. “You run every day, don’t you think your obsessed” (comeback with heart) It makes me happy and I like to do things that make me happy every day, cause I deserve it.

4. “Does your doctor know your running” (this was actually said to me when I was a pregnant) (quick comeback) yes, are you a doctor?

5. “All you talk about is running. Do you do talk about anything else” (comeback) I’m sorry…are you still talking?