radrunnersSo, here’s the thing. Before I ran, I had an opinion of what runners were like. Arrogant, show-offs and all around douche bags. I was not a active person, so I  took the fear route with runners and demonized them, so I would feel better about being “one of those” people. Jocks. Dumb Jocks. Then I started running and met other runners. OF COURSE I WAS WRONG. You had to have see THAT coming, right? Of course there are the jerks, but I bet they were more jerky before they started running. So, is a list of why runners are rad. You probably saw that coming too.

1. Calm. Or at least, calmer. Nothing like taking the anxiety wind out of your sails like a 5 mile run.

2. Genuine. It’s hard to be someone else after 10 miles. You maybe tired, but you are YOU tired and you can’t hide from that. It’s takes too much energy to put on a front.

3. Hot Legs. Strong foundation that will move the earth below you.

4. Humble. No matter how long you have been running, you are never as good at the person you are talking to, who just did a 17 min 5k, and wants to improve.

5. Community. We love each other and have respect for why we are out there, together. Everyone has a different reason to run, sometimes personal. And we usually wave as you go by.