What oh what to give your little running person in your life? Have they been a good little runner? Have they done their hill work? Were they supportive? Did they help you get your butt out off the couch and get your 3 miles in? Do they give good buttslaps? Then they should get something from Santa. Right?

1. A race bib. If they have been going on and on about a race they want to do….get them a bib! And it doesn’t take up any room on their closet. 

2. SHWINGS! These have some magical power and make you faster. I swear. Well, maybe not on a bible…

3. Get That PR Necklace. My mother in law got this for me last Christmas and I almost cried. I love it. 

4. Toe Socks. Running socks are special and always needed. These toe socks are a favorite from RE Coach Hot Legs Millsap. 

5. iPod Nano. For those long runs. You need a little rock and roll or Podcast to keep you moving.