So, if you don’t know, I had a hard time running, but when I found the love, I found lot’s of excuses not to get out there. A whole big bucket of them. This is one of the reasons I started the business. If people pay me to run, I could make it happen. See! I’m a problem solver. I have said every single excuse in my head and I have had some doozies. Here are my favorite ones, that I have said and I hear from other people. See if some of these sound familiar.

1. Boobs. When I started, I had a rack of double d’s. I hated running cause it hurt and I would get weird looks from passer byes. Awesome. I wore 2-3 bad sports bras on top of each other. And that didn’t work.  Answer: A proper, well fitting, well built like a 50’s Chrysler bra. Nothing moved and I felt confident.

2. Rain. I lived in San Francisco and I loved running in the fog, but if it turned to just a little bit of rain, I bagged the run. Then I moved to Seattle, gained 20 pounds and got depressed. I got back out there and all was good.

3. Lady problems. That time of the month. Aunt flow is in town. Red tide is coming in. Well, you get the picture. I didn’t run that whole week, sometimes. I just wallowed in my cramps and soothed myself with chocolate covered french fries. Then I tried it. And found that running calmed my moods and curbed my cramps and made me far more happy.

4. Not enough time. I used to have a very stressful job that took up 60 hours of my week. It was awful. Running took a back seat for a bit till I got into a running group at 5:30 a.m. in the effing morning. It changed my out look on the whole day and made me faster and I learned a ton.

5. Pregnancy. I stopped running for an entire week when I got pregnant. Then I re-plotted my idea of running. It became less about goals, and more about what my body could do, in the state it was in.  I also gained almost 70 pounds when pregnant. That’s when I learned to love the slow and spend time with my new body and the little guy inside.