I love me my carbs. They are crunchy, chewy and sometimes sugary. But, since I have the metabolism of a loafy house cat , I don’t eat them very often. But, when I come in the neighborhood of a marathon, or something longer…I GO. TO. TOWN. Nothing is safe. I am the one waiting for Top Pot to open and unapologetic about it. If you were in my way to the piece of cake, and you have a black eye, that is your fault…not mine. So, here are my favorite carbo load loves that I will devour, unapologetic and with a smile. You have been warned.


1. Cake. It’s the frosting, the cake part, the filling. All of it.

2. Risotto. My husband makes the most amazing risotto that tastes like heaven.

3. Sushi. When I show up at the all you can eat sushi places, the owners are worried. They should be.

4. Beer. The heavier, darker stouts that make me smile.

5. Doughnuts. Duh and duh. Mighty-Oh, Top Pot, event little miss Hostess will do.