Just so you know, I am a music dork. Capital D and capital ORK. I love love love music. Mind you, I can’t play anything, except, Name That Tune, or carry a note, but I love it, and love it when I run.  So, here are MY top 5 songs that will for sure get my fire started, my legs moving and my heart pitter patter in 4/4 time. I could’ve written a list of 100, by the way. D.O.R.K. Image

1. Smog: Held. It’s a personal song for me with amazing words and a perfect syncopation to my legs. A perfect song. 

2.  Jonathan Richmond: Road Runner. I am not sure if the song is about running, but I hope it is. I cried when I heard it after the Boston bombings. 

3. The Mountain Goats: This Year. It opens my documentary about running that I haven’t done yet, cause I am busy doing other stuff. This song perfectly equates what I love about running. You can get through the worst things in life by moving and breathing. 

4. Simon and Garfunkel: Celia.  It is the best speed work out song out there. Hands down. 

5. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Can’t Hold Us. I never never liked hip hop, till these handsome boys rocked my ears. I am so proud of them and I love to run with them.