When you I am given the question, “if you could go anywhere in the world, an money was no object, where would you go?” I, being a runnerd, think about where I could run. Then I think about my bucket list of races and then I wrap them all together in a pretty little blog. Image

1. Antartica Marathon. There’s 24 hours of sun and sub-zero temps and penguins!!

2. The Big 5 in Africa. It’s kind of a cheat, cause there are 5, but how cool does this look??

3. Big Effing SurThere really is no effing in that one, but I am doing this next year, and I am so excited.                                                                                     Big SurImage

4. Solar Eclipse Marathon. This was a few years ago. I hope they do it again so I can run along the shadow of the moon on the earth for 26 miles.

5. Great Wall Marathon. The Great Wall can be seen from Space, and I want to be on there to wave at that camera, maybe moon it.