So, I put it out there. Running. What has it done for you lately? The gifts are frequent and sometimes take a while to uncover, but they are there and very precious. 

Here are the Top 5 that YOU came up with!Image

1. “The biggest gift running has given me: myself! In the last 3 months, I have put me and my health first, and that has made all the difference!” Pricilla -Mother of 4 under 6. 

2. “Resiliency and power.” Maria ‘Hot Legs’ Millsap

3. “Buttslaps and some pretty awesome people in my life who I would not have met otherwise.” Tillie- Runner with a 5 month bun in the oven

4.  “Confidence” Marcia- Just entered her 6th decade and the half marathoner. 

5. “I get to hang out in The Sphere of Awesomeness. While, ironically, becoming less sphere-shaped myself.” -Kelly- mother of 2 and coach and soon to be marathoner.