Ah, living in the PNW does make running interesting. Sometimes grabbing shoes, shirt and shorts and heading out for a run isn’t, well smart. We need “accessories” for comfort, safety and tracking. So, here is my “must haves” for running in Seattle.

1. Oiselle “Flyer” Rain Proof Jacket. I have a crush on this baby. It’s so sleek, keeps me dry and it’s breathable. A huge excuse killer!

2. A trucker hat. I am not sure if they are still hip or if they are so 5 years ago, but the breathable top and the extra big bill keeps the water off my face. Roger that good buddy.

3. A iPod shuffle. No, it’s not gonna keep me dry or make me fast, but it makes me so happy to blare The Clash full blast in my brain or listen to smarty pants NPR stuffs on my runs.

4. A good fucking bra. (of course this is for the bestie busties). I had bad sports bras for years. And when I say be bras, I mean wearing 2 or 3 over each other. I finally found a good one and changed my boobs and my running life. And no more bruises on my chin!

5. Head Light. Not to be confused with the above. Something to make you seen that you can wear comfortably. We use a Gizmo and it stays put on your head when you go out for your after noon run when the sun sets. *sigh*