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Top 5 Running Movies

So, previously mentioned, I am a dork. I like me my movies and music. I love the running, but can dork out with the best of them. I spout off movie lines at the drop of a hat, with out being asked and sometimes out of context. Which is embarrassing. Top 5 Movies about running, or at least with some running in it.


1. Without Limits. Mmmm Billy Crudup plays Steve “Pre” Prefontaine. It’s inspirational and lovely. Makes the hater of running love running.

2. Run Fatboy, Run. Simon Peg pulls out a marathon to win back his pregnant girlfriend. Hilarity ensues.

3. Run Lola Run. A fast paced, art house movie where you are constantly on the edge of your seat.

4. Spirit Of The Marathon. A documentary about the dynamic experiences of mere mortals though the journey of their marathon.

5. Juno. I love love love this movie and Paulie Bleeker.

Top 5 Eating Rules Before Your Race


*This comes to you from a certified dietitian: Courtney McCliment. She’s a mom of 2, runner and over all bad ass sweetie pie. 

Hey runners!  I love running.  I love food.  Thankfully, there is a way for these two loves to happily coexist!  Nutrition choices can assist you in all the phases of your training.  Training, pre-race and recovery are times when strategic nutrition moves can help you achieve your goals.  Today, I am offering my Top 5 pre-race nutrition guidelines.  Because every individual is different, the following guidelines will have different meanings to each person.  There is no magic diet to prescribe that will work for everyone.  Sorry.  The first rule is number one because it is the most important.


1.Tried and True, Nothing New.  The 48 hours before a race is NOT the time to experiment with new and unfamiliar foods.  Eat and drink whatever has worked best for you during your training.  If you will be traveling, bring what you can with you so you are sure to have your regular foods before the race.  


2. Hydration.  You cannot rehydrate in the short hours right before the race.  So drink up…water, that is, well in advance.  Your urine should be clear or pale yellow.  Hydration is a deal breaker.  It can make or break your performance.


3. Fiber.  If you have always eaten a high fiber diet during training and perform well, then keep doing what works.  However, addition of fiber around race time will be regretted.  Fiber can increase intestinal transit time and well….add unwanted porta potty time.  Natural sources of fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans.  While fiber is great for GI health in general, it can be a nuisance during a race.  For you label readers out there, anything greater than 5 grams of fiber per serving is considered a “high source” of fiber.  

4. Timing.  The day before race day, consider doing your carb loading at breakfast and lunch with dinner being your lightest meal.  That way your body has some time to digest and process.  Small or light meals can be two hours before the race, however large meals should be eaten four hours before.


5. Carbs.  They are the preferred energy source for your brain and muscles.  Load them up the day before.  Carbohydrates naturally occur in fruits/fruit juice, bread, pasta, rice, starchy vegetables (corn, potatoes, squash and peas), beans, milk and yogurt.  The carbs of choice are those that are familiar to your body and be mindful of the fiber content (see #3).  The amount you need is different for each individual, however the majority of endurance runners out there need a minimum of 45-60 grams of total carbohydrate at each meal.  There are many on-line resources to assist in estimating nutrition content of food.  Be sure to use the “Total Carbohydrate” information and not just the “Sugars”.  Shorting on the carbs can drag you down during a race and put you at risk for injury.


Top 5 Lessons Learned On My First Trail Run

Hey, guess what! Trail runs are really effing hard! Guess who was surprised about this? ME! Guess who was not nearly trained enough for a 15 miles trail run? ME! Guess who is also incredibly clumsy? Yep, ME! But who else had ton of fun and would do it again as soon, as my legs stopped hating me? That would be me. I love the idea of trail running. It’s why I run. Adventure, views, and challenging. But the first one was tough, just a little reminder that I am not good at things my first time out. Lesson learned!

Before I go into my diatribe about new lessons, I have to really give a HUGE love to Rain Shadow Running. What an amazing group. Everyone was super great. The event was very well organized, with high fives at the end, great food, shelter to stay warm and a folk band. So great! And the one I did yesterday was the easiest of the series. So if you are going to run one, you may, I don’t know, train for it. Just saying.


1. Train on trails! Running 21 miles is nothing like running 15 miles on something that looks like this. Image

2. Walking is so my friend. From the above map, if I tried to run up those hills, I may have snapped my legs in half.

3. Trail runners are great and really, really good looking. Just saying, lots of eye candy out there in little tiny shorts.

4. Trails are not created the same. The fluid and flat trail in Discovery Park is not what I ran on. Apparently there more “technical” trails, where I climbed, slipped and really had to watch where I was going.

5. Stop to take in the view. We ran over Deception Pass bridge, and it was amazing. There were sweeping views of all the islands and and epic water views. If I didn’t stop to breathe and take it in, I would have missed out on the whole thing by looking down to make sure that I wasn’t stepping on something that would find me flat on my face.


Top 5 Favorite Podcast to Run to

I am a little late on the scene for podcasts. But I really love them and they make the miles melt away as you hang on to the stories that float to your ears. Here are my favorite podcasts to listen to while running, driving or writing blogspodcast. Like I said, I am new to this whole thing, so if you have any other ones that are awesome, please comment below!

1. Radio Lab. Fascinating heady science stuff that blows my mind and sometimes warms my heart. One of my favorites is about ultra runner Diane Van Daren.

2. This American Life. So, I never likes TAL because of the voice of the narrator and head guy, Ira Glass. Then I saw him, and he was so gosh darn cute. Then I was hooked. Great stories and amazing people.

3. Car Talk. I don’t know 1 thing about cars, but I could listen to The Car Guys forever. They are so funny, goofy and genuine, you can’t help but smile.

4. WTF. Oh, Marc Maron. You fascinate me. All your self deprecating talk and very insightful interviews with comedians and musicians. You. Are. Rad. Take that, Maron.

5. The Nerdist. Last, but not least, this guy. Witty and gives great interviews. And he’s pretty cute.

Top 5 Comebacks From Negative Comments About Running

I took this topic from Facebook when I asked YOU for the topic. This one is a good one. What do you say to people when they say something non-supportive about your running activity. I think before I spout off a list on this, it’s important to remember 2 things. When people vomit all over your awesomeness, by dashing your accomplishments, THEY are usually the one they are referring to. People usually project their own insecurities about something new or different on to someone else. So, take that into thought before punching them in the face. A little compassion goes a long way. This being said, 2nd one, don’t tell people who aren’t supportive. This goes for ANYTHING new you are doing. If you really want to do it, tell people who are your cheerleaders. When I started running, I called my dad when I did my first 2 miles…not my mom. Nope. Not her. She understands now, a little, and is more supportive, but I knew she would call me crazy when I started. So, here are some tried and tested comebacks for those people. CAUTION: These may get snarky! Image

1. “I heard running running is bad on your knees” (comeback with sarcasm) I heard sitting on your ass makes you lose weight, and reach your goals and get healthy.

2. “I hate running” (comeback with honesty) I hated running when I started too. Just like anything good in life, it just takes a bit for your body to get use to it.

3. “You run every day, don’t you think your obsessed” (comeback with heart) It makes me happy and I like to do things that make me happy every day, cause I deserve it.

4. “Does your doctor know your running” (this was actually said to me when I was a pregnant) (quick comeback) yes, are you a doctor?

5. “All you talk about is running. Do you do talk about anything else” (comeback) I’m sorry…are you still talking?

Top 5 Reasons Runners Are Rad

radrunnersSo, here’s the thing. Before I ran, I had an opinion of what runners were like. Arrogant, show-offs and all around douche bags. I was not a active person, so I  took the fear route with runners and demonized them, so I would feel better about being “one of those” people. Jocks. Dumb Jocks. Then I started running and met other runners. OF COURSE I WAS WRONG. You had to have see THAT coming, right? Of course there are the jerks, but I bet they were more jerky before they started running. So, is a list of why runners are rad. You probably saw that coming too.

1. Calm. Or at least, calmer. Nothing like taking the anxiety wind out of your sails like a 5 mile run.

2. Genuine. It’s hard to be someone else after 10 miles. You maybe tired, but you are YOU tired and you can’t hide from that. It’s takes too much energy to put on a front.

3. Hot Legs. Strong foundation that will move the earth below you.

4. Humble. No matter how long you have been running, you are never as good at the person you are talking to, who just did a 17 min 5k, and wants to improve.

5. Community. We love each other and have respect for why we are out there, together. Everyone has a different reason to run, sometimes personal. And we usually wave as you go by.

Top 5 Runner Gifts


What oh what to give your little running person in your life? Have they been a good little runner? Have they done their hill work? Were they supportive? Did they help you get your butt out off the couch and get your 3 miles in? Do they give good buttslaps? Then they should get something from Santa. Right?

1. A race bib. If they have been going on and on about a race they want to do….get them a bib! And it doesn’t take up any room on their closet. 

2. SHWINGS! These have some magical power and make you faster. I swear. Well, maybe not on a bible…

3. Get That PR Necklace. My mother in law got this for me last Christmas and I almost cried. I love it. 

4. Toe Socks. Running socks are special and always needed. These toe socks are a favorite from RE Coach Hot Legs Millsap. 

5. iPod Nano. For those long runs. You need a little rock and roll or Podcast to keep you moving. 

Top 5 Excuses Used Not To Run (And How I Got Over It)


 So, if you don’t know, I had a hard time running, but when I found the love, I found lot’s of excuses not to get out there. A whole big bucket of them. This is one of the reasons I started the business. If people pay me to run, I could make it happen. See! I’m a problem solver. I have said every single excuse in my head and I have had some doozies. Here are my favorite ones, that I have said and I hear from other people. See if some of these sound familiar.

1. Boobs. When I started, I had a rack of double d’s. I hated running cause it hurt and I would get weird looks from passer byes. Awesome. I wore 2-3 bad sports bras on top of each other. And that didn’t work.  Answer: A proper, well fitting, well built like a 50’s Chrysler bra. Nothing moved and I felt confident.

2. Rain. I lived in San Francisco and I loved running in the fog, but if it turned to just a little bit of rain, I bagged the run. Then I moved to Seattle, gained 20 pounds and got depressed. I got back out there and all was good.

3. Lady problems. That time of the month. Aunt flow is in town. Red tide is coming in. Well, you get the picture. I didn’t run that whole week, sometimes. I just wallowed in my cramps and soothed myself with chocolate covered french fries. Then I tried it. And found that running calmed my moods and curbed my cramps and made me far more happy.

4. Not enough time. I used to have a very stressful job that took up 60 hours of my week. It was awful. Running took a back seat for a bit till I got into a running group at 5:30 a.m. in the effing morning. It changed my out look on the whole day and made me faster and I learned a ton.

5. Pregnancy. I stopped running for an entire week when I got pregnant. Then I re-plotted my idea of running. It became less about goals, and more about what my body could do, in the state it was in.  I also gained almost 70 pounds when pregnant. That’s when I learned to love the slow and spend time with my new body and the little guy inside.