I was recently in Runners World….again. Which is so weird to say and fun and well then weird again. They (author, recent Ironman, and all around awesomeness found above 6 feet, Dimity McDowell) was looking for short advice blurbs (not actual shorts, I’m a capri girl) for runners. Here’s was my wind up pitch of answers:

 1. For a good race, follow these rules: Start off slow, thank all the volunteers and for every mile you are doing, hive five that many kids.  
 2. Walking is not defeat, it’s just a way of regroup, recover and rehydrate. 
 3. Schedule your runs like you schedule the rest of your day. Schedule something fun for your rest days, i.e. massage, pedicure, bubble bath.  
 4. LSD Long Slow Distance miles should be done at a conversational pace.  
 5. Listen to your body, but don’t let it lie to you.

Here’s the one they took, which is my favorite: 

When I started running, I loved looking at the pages of Runners World, as it was before internet and it was my sole info of how to start. I can’t believe that I am in it now. Boggles my mind.