Question: “I am doing a 10K in October, Can you give me a plan on how to train for it? Thanks Coach!” Answer: If you are starting at 3 miles, you can add one mile to your long run till you get to 6 miles. The other days can be 20-25 minuets 3-4 days. Easy peasy. Question: “What do I do when boot camp is over? I’ll have — hopefully — made some kind of fitness gains. But I suck on my own. How do I keep ’em?” Answer: I’ll provide a nice “cheat sheet” so you can keep your guns and be aborific. Question:”How can my husband be sure to eat enough so the hungry grumpiest aren’t the price we pay for his 10 mile runs?” Make sure he carb loads the day before and he eats RIGHT after he’s done. Even if he’s not hungry. And then every 3 hours for a couple days. It’s hard raising a long distance runner. Question: “foam rolling… is it good is it bad, does it work”