Question: “what is the most effective way to breathe while running”

Answer: Through the big hole in your head. No, seriously. First time runners just focus on breathing any way possible. If you DO get stuck in your head and need to focus on something, you can play around with exhaling through your mouth and short inhales through your nose. But please, breathe.Question: “Have trouble controlling my breathing when I run, someone suggested music as a diversion and keep pushing, your body will level out. Your thoughts ?”
Answer:  Starting off slow, really slow will help. Your breathing will plateau, but it’s hard and unnerving hearing it ramp up in your head. Music does help or a pod cast too. But go slow.

Question: “How do I not fall apart on runs 15 miles +?! my body starts to hurt so bad after 13 miles, do I need to eat more energy gels”
Answer: Could be a nutrition issue. On long runs, stick to what you know what works, eating wise the days before and the day of. And don’t mess with it once you got it nailed down. Are you eating more carbs? Carbs are like the gas in your tank and when your glycogen levels dip into E, your toast. You could also be over trained, or that time of the month. *Awesome.* Note it, but don’t worry about it, and get back out there next weekend.

Question: “How fast is too quickly in increasing milage? Is it ok to add a .5 mile each long run a week?”
Answer: Take your overall, weekly milage and add that up. Then you add 15% percent every week to it to increase distance safely. Do it to just one run, and not all of them, like your long run on the weekend. After 6 weeks, you take the long run and cut it by 2/3 so your body can rest.
Good Luck!

Question: “What do you think of SportLegs? ”
Answer: I just looked it up and see it’s some serum. Be wary of snake oils, and stick to what you know.

Question: “I have a 1/2 marathon in 10 days – is that enough time to break in a new pair of running shoes? or should I stick with my trusty pair even though they are worn through?”
Answer: As long as they are the same make/model, you are good and better off in your new ones. I once had to replace a pair of shoes the night before a marathon because my cat threw up in my old ones. … dumb cats.

Question: “Where do I begin in making a training plan for my first full? Do you help one on one with stuff like that?”
Answer: I do. I will for you. e-mail me.

Question: “What was the name of the stuff you told us about in class that was good for chafing?”
Answer: Blue Steel. Super Jock and Jill sells it. Awesome.

Question: ” I frequently get tightness and cramping in my calves/soleus. How do I get rid of them or how do I make them happy?”
Answer: Roll baby roll. And water, baby water. And stretch baby, stretch.

Question: “Have I lost all my marathon training endurance? I had to take two weeks off for shin splints & July was a slow running month. 12wks till my next full. Where should I start? Thx.”
Answer: It takes 6 weeks to lose fitness. The best thing you can do is rest and it’ll make you go faster too. Really! Hop back into double digits when you are ready and go from there. Go slow and you’ll be up to your high milage in no time.