Top 5 Local and Small

  Seattle is kind of a funny place to shop local. Amazon is right over there, Starbucks is down the street, and that little company Microsoft is on the other side of the lake. So, if you are looking to shop for a gift for your runner at a not-so-mega-corporate AND local for runners, may […]

This. This is why. Sometimes.

Sometimes I run to get my mood up. Once in a while I use it to get away. I get away from loneliness. I get out to break away from my ‘mean’ self and find power. Getting away from home, responsibility. To find the happy. Joy. Love.           It never disappoints.  But, […]

The Week I Broke Down

I guess I did need a big slap of a reality check. There was nothing wrong, the only thing that changed that I had pulled my 6 year out of camp for a couple weeks to spend some “quality” mom and son time.        This is the week that I needed to run […]

Ask a Coach! 8/6

Question: “I am doing a 10K in October, Can you give me a plan on how to train for it? Thanks Coach!” Answer: If you are starting at 3 miles, you can add one mile to your long run till you get to 6 miles. The other days can be 20-25 minuets 3-4 days. Easy […]

Top 5!

I was recently in Runners World….again. Which is so weird to say and fun and well then weird again. They (author, recent Ironman, and all around awesomeness found above 6 feet, Dimity McDowell) was looking for short advice blurbs (not actual shorts, I’m a capri girl) for runners. Here’s was my wind up pitch of answers: […]

It’s Not About Running

It’s not. Its all a lie. What it’s really about…are you ready: Shedding the thin shell of your ‘being’ and finding yourself. Realizing that ‘other’ voice was right. You are rad and strong and wonderful. It’s about the sweat, tears and laughter that is shared. You becoming better, fitter. Your heart strong. Your sweat earned. […]


Question: “what is the most effective way to breathe while running” Answer: Through the big hole in your head. No, seriously. First time runners just focus on breathing any way possible. If you DO get stuck in your head and need to focus on something, you can play around with exhaling through your mouth and short inhales […]