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Beth baker.

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Not Your Everyday Coach or Speaker. 

Beth Baker

 Hilarious. Brilliant. Modest. 

Available for your Company Event or Retreat

Presentations and workshops on a variety of topics 3-minutes to 3-hours. Beth's Most Requested Talks: 

How to Start Running, Completing a Race, Creating an Exercise Plan, Starting Your Own Business, Succeeding in Social Media Marketing, and Building a Rocking Community. . . .

Beth's Greatest Hits: 

Exercise: Why People Can't Stand Running, How to Get Over It, And Getting Into It. 

Exercise: Benefits of Exercise. (It's Not All About Losing Weight…It's So So Much More.)

Business: The BIG LEAP. Finding Your Cohones to Start Something New. (Evel Knivel Is My Boyfriend)

Community: Find Your Pack and How to Create and Amazing Community.

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Yes…yes you do. 

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Podcaster: Shameless Mom Academy

Past Speaking Gigs Have Been From:

" I've had the pleasure of hearing Beth speak a few times. What I love most is how relatable she is. She is witty and charming and personable. When she's done speaking, you want to go befriend her. "

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