Coach Training

Online Coaching Certification & Licensed Pack Leader Program!

Which one is for you? We have 2 options. For those who want to open their business to more runners or those who want to start thier own Running Evolution Business and coach people to start running!

Certification if you:

-Are a coach/trainer and want to start coaching new runners. (Either groups or one on one)  

-Have a business, and want to bring new runners in the door and start a running community. (Running shoe store, gym, or donut shop!)

You will learn:

  • WHY people hate running and how to coach them into loving it. Specifically how to deal with the fear of running…it’s a thing.
  • What a new runner is.
  • The mental hurdles of a new runner.
  • A cycle of learning a new thing….like running!
  • Techniques on how to motivate distract and keep new runner motivated.
  • How to get a new runner to get into the HABIT of running.
  • All of the ins and outs of what a new runner needs to know: A new runners toolbox.
  • How to build a new to running plan.
  • The importance of a running community. (It’s love)

You’ll get:

  • On your own online course.
  • Workbook to accompany online couse.
  • A New Runner Coach logo for your website.
  • Updated materials when available.
  • Online coaching community.
  • Your business listed as a Certified Running Evolution Coach.
  • Discounts on your running needs.
  • 2 Q&A team recorded phone calls.

Investment $550/ plus $50 certification/each year.

Running Evolution Licensed Pack Leader Program if you want to start your own Running Evolution Business! (You’ll need to complete the certification process first)

You’ll learn:

  • What makes a new runner.
  • What the heck is Running Evolution and why we kick ass, and how you will kick ass.  
  • How to inspire people to want to learn how to run….Cause it’s awesome.
  • The mental process of what a new runner goes through.
  • How to find new runners, and get them in your class and get them running.
  • Customer service 101 for Running Evolution. Conduct, attitude and love.
  • How to run your own Running Evolution Learn to Run class, class by class, what to say, and what to do.
  • Coaching strategies to get people going and have fun.
  • Continuation education for your new runners. (What is next?)
  • How to find your cohunes to start your own business, and what you’ll need.

You’ll get.

  • Online course on all the information above.
  • E-mail access.
  • The use of Running Evolution license (logo)
  • Placement on Running Evolution’s main website as a Running Evolution licensed business.
  • Monthly marketing support phone calls to help get your business up, running, and thriving.
  • List of business building resources.
  • Online community to get questions answered.
  • Discounts for your running needs.

Founder Investment $u50/yr (plus the above certification costs)

Next Open Doors are on 2/28.  

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See What Other Coaches Are Saying!

“Beth proves with her success that there is a real demand to get “regular” people running and she gives you lots of tips and know how on how to define your demographic”

– Susan Wade Pip Running

”The class was really well organized and expertly designed. It is so helpful to be able to dig into Coach Beth’s experience, and learn practical, proven tips for working with new runners. Worth every dime”

– Milyssa Carwin Daigle Race Organizer and Coach

“I took Running Evolution’s Coaching Certification class in May and I was already coaching new runners a month later! This class prepares you in all aspects of working with different types of people and gave me tips & tricks to keep in my back pocket when needed. I feel like I am able to help any new runner now and I am so excited to grow my own pack! The format of this class is very understandable, fun and worth the investment! I love how Beth follows up after the class to see if there were any questions that still needed answered and to see how things were progressing. Great accountability! If you’ve been thinking about taking this class, I strongly recommend it!”

– Carman Arrowood North by Northwest Coaching