Light Em Up!

This Little Light Of Mine. 


BOOM! It happens just like that. The sun is no longer there. Thank YOU winter, daylight savings, and a very northern latitude.


But, when the heck are you supposed to get your run in, especially if you feel uneasy running at night, or in Seattle, 4:00 in the afternoon. Here are a few tips to make it happen, and feel safe doing it.

1. Light yourself up like a mother trucking Christmas tree! I recommend headlamp, butt lamp, and something near your ankles (just to verify to other people that you are indeed a runner, and not a slow, low moving drone).

2. Buddy UP! And make sure they are lit up as well or take out a nice big insurance policy on them.

3. Take off your earbuds. Yes. I know, this isn’t fun. But being aware of your surroundings is essential and you can talk to your buddy, who is also lit up!

4. Stay on well lit and populated streets or parks. AND make sure you are seen by bikes, car drivers and other runners. Don’t assume others can see you. Give a little wave or nod to make sure no one is going to get hit.

5. Weather! It is extra hard to see runners in a downpour or fog. You can still run, but please be extra cautious out there.

And, when in doubt, add another light on there. It may look a little dorky, but dorky is better than dead.


Cookies, Eggnog, Christmas Cheer! Meet 4 weeks of runs to help keep your sanity and in stay in running shape.
4 weeks. All the Runs!
  • Come to as many as you want.
  • Runs are at an easy peasy pace, with good people, plus, safety in numbers!
  • Prizes are given out to whoever gets the most runs.
  • (Tokens are given out for each run.)
Starts Nov 26th.
Details: All runs meet at Super Jock n Jill except the * classes
MTTH 8:30
M-Th 10:30 a.m. & Noon
T&Th 6:30 p.m.
*Wednesdays 11 am & 6:30 p.m. RockIt Class, think track work out to get you stronger/faster and sweaty class at 11 am and 6:30 (meets at the lower Woodlawn track)
*Saturday morning at 9:00. 3-5 miles. Meet at Gasworks
Tokens are given out on every run.
Pre-Sale Price $99 on 11/16
$120 After 11/16

Leave Your Work at Work.

Some people say they don’t run because they are afraid they will get laughed at by doing it wrong, or they are too slow and won’t be taken seriously. Especially around Greenlake on a sunny day.

I get that.

But, being a coach, sometimes I do see some people who get around the lake in a running fashion, and want to take them aside and give them unsolicited advice about how to run a little more efficiently. I would do it very nicely and give them a little pat on the fanny to let them know that I care. Some of the things I see may resemble positions from a colorful persons resume, but they are also names to describe people with bad running form.  

   Pirate- Take your arms, and swing them to and fro, across your body, like you are going to sing a shanty or pillage some booty. Strong and across your body. Arrree! You can even sing out “Yo-ho-ho” when doing this. Hey, that’s great! This move should only be used by pirates or pretending to be a pirate, and not for runners. Arms should move in the direction you are moving, and not in front of your body.

 Bouncer Your name is now Scud, or Snake. You’re wearing leather, with studs and checking and winking at underage girls trying to get into a club with their fake id’s. You jump high in the sky to check how big the line is that it trying to get into your hip new club. Please do not run this way. Calves, in jumping or bouncing manner, should not be used much, and this is where shin splints come from the bouncy runner. This is also very painful watching a women runner who bounces too much while wearing a bad sports bra. (Ouch) Think about engaging your quads more, to move smoothly. Smooooth, not bouncy. Bouncy=Bad.

 Office Worker 12 hour says, hunched over a keyboard. If you remove desk and keyboard, throw on some wicking clothes and run. The same posture, you just sat at for your work day, hunched over, with a c-shaped spine, then you are an office worker who hasn’t left their work completely. This is not good as well. Pulling back your shoulders and getting your spine in a more I-shape. This will help you breathe easier and get your body and mind away from the office.

If you run like a runner, and you are a runner

Stay In Yo Lane

Coaches Tip Tuesday!

Stay in your lane!!
This is the part where running and life lessons come to the surface. 
It’s a little tough when you start running and look over to the right, and there is a gazelle-like human floating in a sports bra and teeny shorts. To the left, there’s a 90 thousand-year-old man who is passing you. Then you, the runner who is just out there doing your best.

I hear people say all the time, “I want to run like them, I want to look like that person, I want to beat so and so.”  cause, from the outside, they are faster, stronger, something-ier and seem to be happier.  I lean back to one of the ‘contract’ lines that I make all of my new runner’s sign saying:don’t compare yourself to another runner. Don’t compare your insides to their outsides.’ You’ll never win.
Instead, find your own motivation inside. Why you want to stay healthy, move and be in the community.
That will drive you to your own “best” as oppose to never getting to another persons “best”.

Stay in your own lane, focus on your own goals, and of course, have fun!

Tip Tuesday! Running on Vacation?

Coaches Tip Tuesday!

Vacations, have to get away! 
As the death rattles of summer are upon us, people are in desperate need to get out of dodge for a few days to enjoy the waning summer.  BUT What about running?? Do YOU run on vacation?
I have two trains of thought for this, with a different track for personality types.
Type A. A stands for always running. All the time. If this is you, a vacation might be the perfect time for your body to take a break. If you need to exercise, explore something else and save your running for when you get back. It will still be there for you…promise.
Type B. B stands for the beginner or barely running. My advice is to just pick 1 or 2 days and aim for fun as vs. must run x amount of miles. Explore your surroundings, take pictures and check out the scenery. Some of my all-time favorite runs have been on vacation when I had no place to go and just had fun!

If you are somewhere in the middle, I will always encourage you to bring your shoes and get out there!

See Ya Later!
Coach Beth

See Ya Later!
Coach Beth
  • Half Marathon registration is OPEN. 9 spots left! Sign Up here.
  • Couch to 5k is OPEN and ready for you in September. Sign Up Here!
  • NEW 7:30 a.m. REBoot Camp is UP! Sign Up HERE!!

Trail Run 101

You go up.

 You go down.

You are muddy.

Really muddy.

Breathing is hard.

Climbing is always happening.

Down hills are scary.

Knees are on fire.

Views are epic.

Plates upon plates of humble pie do not taste good even thought its got that pie word in it. And your brain is always working.

Welcome to the wild world of trail running, or MY recent world of trail running. Sometimes, I get really confident and my bad ass strut muscles gets sore, and then I feel like I need to learn something new to show my ego who is running the show…spoiler alert..not my ego. (sorry dude, you are still super cool)

Let me back my muddy calves up a little to give a little story about my not so glory. I took on a challenge a few years ago that contains 3 words: Trail. Run. Marathon.

Catalina Island Trail Marathon. (95 degrees)

So my road running, or road strutting is now ready for a new challenge, trail running. When I went for the first time, in a very long time, I was not quite prepared for the new obstacles, fallen trees, everything is slippery.  I really struggled with my first few runs, walking a lot, falling, and there may have been some tears. My extra patient, and rock star guide kept checking on me. “You ok?”

…and with my last dying breath, I blurted out I’M FINE! (I was dying )

But there is always that tenacious lesson of life, the more you do, the better you get, then you get cocky, then you climb more hills, then  you almost die again whilst uttering out, I’m fine. And so on, and so on. 

Step 1. Use your whole leg, and your whole body. Use your whole head. Your can’t let your ham

Step 2. Quicken up your foot strike. You should be doing this in your normal running, but in trail running it could mean your foot finding a root, and your face finding the ground.

Step 3. Carry your means. A whole new world of equipment. Different shoes, back packs and new clothes, (cause your clothes get so dirty, and it’s just fun to buy special trail clothes)

Step 4. Walk when you need to walk. This becomes less of a choice when lungs just go into full capacity.

Step 5. Be safe. Let people know where you are, and grab a running buddy. It’s a little riskier then road running, with more chances of falling. But totally worth it.

Want to put some skin in the game? Check out our Trail Run 101 Class! Spot still open.

I Pee When I Flee!

It happened to my mom, it happened to my grandmother, and now, it’s my turn. The torch of “Oh my goodness, did I just pee a little” has passed down to me.

Seriously, womanhood, motherhood!! WTF! It’s a never ending jack in the box of surprises that this body is popping up or leaking out. The mammograms, IUD’s, periods from the hells balls, migraines from hells other balls, and not to mention the pressure of appearance that we are supposed to keep up with. Fuck that shit.

So this new fun item on the list is happening now when I run.  I have to say, I knew it was a very common thing, since I am a running coach who primarily works with woman. I thought I was safe, cause I had a c-section, but no. And then I had all these women who didn’t have kids talk about it. So no one is safe, exempt men. Men are safe AF.

I posted this last night on the ol FB, and I heard from a ton of women who this happens too. And from a the array of PT’s who posted (bless you PTs) that it’s common, but not normal and you can DO something about it.

I will always remember my poor little grandmother being horrified when it happened to her. We’d be shopping for a prom dress and having a ton of fun, then it was all, “We have to go right NOW!” Oh… Ok.

And the countless surgeries my mom had to make her bladder re-work after pushing out four kids, and the first one was over 10 pounds, when she was 18. Luckily, he’s a cool dude.

Look, I am not the bitter type, and I love being this awesome woman I am, but I do need to vent. Sometimes, when I complain, people help me out, and tell me there is hope. YAY HOPE!  I am listing all of the links that I got, so if you are interested in being more woman then a fountain, you have a resource.   Now go on with your bad selves.


Fear. (You’ll Be Fine)

Most of my job is dealing with fear. Telling people who are about to start running that they’re going to be uncomfortable, but will make it. Or tell people who going to run thier first 5k, 1/2 marathon or marathon that they’re going to be ok. My go-to line is, “You’ll be fine.” Sometimes I am not sure if people are going to be succeful in thier goal, but people like to hear these words. I never promised that people will complete thier goal, but I know that they will be better on the other side.

Fear is a funny little friend. A common thing that scares people is that they will not be able to keep up. Some people are worried about facing the realizm of how out of shape they are like a compulsive gambler looking at their checking account for the first time is years. For people who are coming back to running from a injury, and they are worried about getting injured again. It’s all very scary, those questions and concerns and they are exhausting. Some people don’t have the stomach to face it or deal with it. I know that they will be fine, that they are not going to die, but I empathies with what their head might be telling them. This is what some brave people tell me that is eating at thier head when they run.

“How did you get this way?”

“What is all that giggling?”

“Remember when you were fast, and 28?”

“What will my friends say if they see me trying to do something about my body?”

“What will my mom say? Will she laugh at me?”

“Whay if I am too heavy to run, and my body breaks?

“What if people laugh at me?”

“I don’t think my body was made to run.”

” I can’t believe I need to exercise on top of everything else I have going on. How will I find the time?”

I know all of these, because I have heard it in my head at one point or another. And when I started, I use to genltly whisper to that loud voice, “You’ll be fine.” And I was. Now that whisper is louder, so loud that I get to say it out loud to myself, and to all the people I coach. You may fail, you might get hurt, someone might laugh at you. It could happen. But I promise that you’ll survive it and you’ll be fine.



I have been thinking a lot lately about community and what that means to me. I started this whole running group to help myself find like-minded people to run with, and then we’d train together and have fun, then go get a beer. And that is what it was at first, but then turned into something else. Things I never expected. I became this organism of support, friendship, and camaraderie, and spilled into all these other groups and circles that just makes me all kinds of giddy. It’s not about the running anymore, it’s about the support, the structure to hold people up when they are going through something hard, or taking on a new challenge. It’s not about the people, it’s the people together holding each other up. I think that is pretty much the best thing ever. We need more of that.
Thanks you for your eyes, heart and those great legs of yours.

My Big Why. Coach Running Evolution.

My Big Why.

I was on the conference floor of a running convention a few years ago. It was right after my grandfather died, and my 3 year old black lab was put down. I was a little tender. It was held in a dry state, and I had a dry martini in hand, with a splash of bitter. I was chatting with my new friend, who was the race director of the amazing relay race in California. Her name was…let’s just call her Diane. This was not Diane’s first running conference rodeo, and she was not shy about dishing out who and what the deal was with everyone. She pointed out an older gentleman.

“See him? He has been the race director of (let’s keep this anonymous and insert huge national marathon here) forever. Watch yourself, he gets very “handsy” when he’s been drinking at these things.”
“Noted,” I said.

Also as an aside, I love the word “handsy” now. It describes so much of our current national situation. HANDSY.

Most of the floor was covered with these old white men. Not that there is anything wrong with old white men. My own dad is an old white guy. But old white dudes is not the bounty of the running community. I felt like Tippy Hedren in the “The Birds” being very careful of where I walked and not to have anything too shiny on my person. And when I talked to these guys, they spouted off their PR’s like it was their last name. Like they were the James Bond of running. “3:14 James 3:14”. I was not impressed. Actually I gave -0 fucks.

So, I went back to Seattle, back to my bounty of mostly women and thought, why isn’t the running world talking about my people? About the moms, the nurses, teachers, the partners at the law firms who have 3 kids and just need to get a run in so they won’t kill people? What about them? They don’t drop their PR when they talk. NO! They just talk like humans. Novel, right? And the guys too who want to be a healthy role model for their kids, and aren’t trying to make it to the Olympics.

Back to what my why is. I see a huge hole in the world of coaching runners. A hole to where people just want to learn how to start running. Where to start, what to wear, why it sucks, and when do they finally get those mighty endorphins. So, I started this Certification and Licensing program to get more people to run. ‘Cause it does suck at the begining, and people need help.

I love running. I love coaching people through the tough parts so that they can get to the great part. They all go through the same ebb and flow. After doing this for 12 years, I know it like clock work. I also think running can save lives, marriages, and maybe the world. Maybe I am an idealist, but, I want to start spreading the running gospel and get more members on the road.

I want to empower people, dammit. Let’s fucking do this.



Coach Running Evolution Certification and Licence from Running Evolution on Vimeo.