10 Reasons To Run A Marathon! By Val Pate

written by Val Pate ROTY 2014

She is also one of the coaches and a pretty bad ass lady.


1.        It will change your life.   Seriously – there’s nothing like setting a stretch goal, and then doing whatever it takes to complete it, especially when you do it alongside a group of friends

2.       You will learn that the experience is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  Showing up every week, in all kinds of weather, running mile after mile at a conversational pace with an awesome group of people – I promise you, you will look forward to it!  970570_10151448699138531_316076060_n

3.       It’s a great way to bridge the time gap between the depths of winter, and the beginning of spring – you start out running and its cold….and rainy…and then the weather starts to improve, and then its SPRING, and you start to see the FLOWERS!  And at some point, you can wear SHORTS!!!

4.       There’s many ways to be healthy – and different things work for different people – but this training taught me once and for all to stop worrying about how my body looks, and start focusing on what it can do.

5.       You will become an expert in self-care.  Marathon training taught me to take care of myself – I knew that I was asking my body to do something big, so I developed some very healthy habits for the sole purpose of my success on my long runs.

6.       You will learn that some of your training days will be great, and some of them will absolutely suck.   I still remember my suckiest run during marathon training, and I remember what Coach Pamela told me: “now you know you can have a sucky run and that you will not die”.  I’m no longer scared of having a bad day.  It’s a metaphor…trust me.

7.       If you have little kids, you will be their idol.  If you have older kids, you will develop a certain amount of “street cred” with them.   There’s nothing like responding to their whininess with, “and just how many miles did YOU run, today”?    I recently had to play my “marathon card” as a response to a crisis of confidence in my house.   I provided a reminder that just because you’re doing something that’s hard, or that not many people have done, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  That’s a life lesson for all of us.

8.       You will learn not to get intimidated by overwhelming tasks.   At first glance, the marathon training plan looks huge and complex.  But if you take it one week at a time (or even one mile at a time if you need to) all of a sudden you’ll realize that you are DOING it.  For me, this was one of the biggest life lessons I gained from marathon training.

9.       Cake.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention cake.   It tastes even better than you thought it could, along with anything else you might consume after running 15 miles.

10.   Seriously, it will change your life.  Everything becomes a metaphor – the uphills, the downhills, the goals, getting to the starting line, getting to the finish line, supporting your friends, letting them support you.   Its all here – I promise.


Our marathon training starts in a couple weeks. It’s awesome. I promise.


Well, I know a lot about this one; Her dog is Abby, and she has another one too, who I can’t remember. Her hair dresser is Dean. Her husband’s name is Funky, or Bruce…maybe it’s Funky Bruce. And everyone knows her. She was not a runner when she came to Running Evolution, and I thought she hated me…she might still.

15825992_10210281802554366_1581451512129192224_n She also ran 2016 miles in 2016 with the help of another ROTY, Val. Her hair always looks good. I did get a little miffed when I found out her half marathon time was a little too close to my PR. She is kind, generous, inspirational and an amazing supporter.  12112276_10206709545330168_3819586019678638540_n

Kathy Bowen, I am so so so happy to have you part of Running Evoution, and very happy to have you be the ROTY!



I haven’t had this much attention on my boobs since I was a freshman in college. Let me explain…. When I packed on my freshman 15, it went right to my boobs.  When I came back to my home town, word got around that I got a boob job. To be fair, it was Orange County, and I was very blond.

Fast forward to 23 years later, in early October,  going to the OB for my annual fun day with a side of speculum. The doc let out a “OH!” (code for I found a lump). No big deal, I have had one before, those mammogram places have chocolate! I am good.

Mammogram came back with not 1, but 2 suspicious “distortions” which needed 2 biopsies. I freak out, cry, plan my funeral and come back to my senses. First biopsy was awful! It was loud, and I had to stand up, while  they put a needle in my boob. I know, TMI. Sorry. But I did figure out that I want “Come Up To The House” by Tom Waits at my funeral.

So, fast forward past months, 15 mamograms, MRI’s andbbbra2 3 more biopsies, where they kept missing the spots, and then had to surgically open up my fun bag to pull out what ever was in there.

It’s been a long stressful few months, and I haven’t been a good friend, coach or family person. But here is the kicker, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, has been so so so awesome and wonderful. So, this is just a thank you letter to you for being so awesome, even if you had no idea, you were still there. I hated telling people, it’s such a downer, and I had no answers. No books are written on the breast limbo waiting game.

The last test results just came back as benign, and I thought they said, beignets….both words I love and they are both so so sweet.



(Pre-SALE) January Jump Start!!

The holidays are here in full force. And I want to have a good time, and I want YOU to
have a good time too. Celebrating the holidays is spending time with family and friends with cheer, cookies and EGGNOG! You guys, do you know how much I love eggnog??? It’s a lot! And when the holidays are over, I will be right here, so we can get fit, together!

I am ho ho so excited to announce our January Jump Start Challenge. It’s a fully balanced program to get your mojo and body back! We’ll provide you with activity actions every day! And we got a amazing food challenge coach, KIM! I found Kim through my friend, Kelly who has transformed since working with Kim. When I talked to Kim, I knew she was a great fit for RE. Fun, accessible and knows her stuff!! She’ll provide: meal plans, shopping lists, and a supportive group with AWESOME PRIZES! I am doing this with YOU! Together, we’ll get back to feeling energized, sleep good, lose weight and have fun!

In the 21 days of the challenge, there will be no calorie counting. You’ll have a daily e-mail sent to you each day with a activity action that you can check off for each day! And if you follow the meal plan, you will lose weight. Typical results range from 6-7 pounds.

“Kim puts the focus on healthy eating and correct portion size. I felt great about making good choices and cooking real food. I lost weight and gained energy and a new way of thinking about food that has stuck with me well beyond the weeks of the program.” Kelly Howard

Jump Starters will get the following: 

  •  Unlimited Boot Camp Classes/Running Class (All classes can be found here)unspecified
  •  Unlimited Email/Phone Support with Kim & Beth
  •  Support from our Facebook Group
  •  Daily Activity Actions, Inspiration & Accountability
  •  Results: Sleep better, Feel Stronger, and Lose Holiday Weight..and maybe some more.
  • ‘Get to Know Each Other’ Run/Walk Saturday 7th 9:00
  • KICK OFF PARTY! (Weight-Ins & Assessments) Monday, January 9th at 6:30 pm.
  • Milestone Celebration Meeting  Saturday Feb 4th.

Registration Is OPEN HERE! Dates: 1/7-2/4

Investment: 21 Day Challenge is only $255. EARLY BIRD Saves $50! (Sign Up Before 12/30 for $195)

*AND! I am super excited to offer a Virtual option, for those who do not live in Seattle. Special Price for you: ENTER CODE VIRTUAL $155. EARLY BIRD Saves $50! (Sign Up Before 12/30) You’ll get all of the support, meal plans, work out e-mails and Facebook group!!

Please note: The program typically sells out.  Register here soon to get your spot.

Wednesday Wisdom: You’ve Got This.

Whatever “it” is. Starting to run, changing jobs, getting healthy, falling in love, making a leap.

And you are waiting for someone to tell you that you can do it,  that it’s going to be o.k., or just give you permission.

Let me be the one to officially say, “You can do this. I am not sure it’s going to be o.k., no one does. And you don’t need permission.”

You’ve got this. #buttslap


#TuesdayTrainingTip: How to Run Uphill. (The Next 4 Years)

The next 4 years…MILES! I mean miles.




I am not going to lie I am worried about that big hill for the next 4 miles. It’s going to be tough. From the looks of it, it is straight up hill and there is no plateau in sight. Kinda looks like a wall.

So, how do you conquer a hill like that?

You put your head down and run.

You cheer yourself on, and fight the good fight.

You gather around others, and run together.

You listen to music and sing your head off.

You fire all the muscles that have been on rest for a while, and call them up for service.

You might cry, curse and call to the heavens for some relief, but you keep going up, and kick ass.

Run, walk or crawl, keep moving up. It’s not fight or flight. It’s both.

The best thing about hills, is that there is a top, where the view is spectacular.

#TuesdayTrainingTip: What to Run in a Week?

HAY! You started running! Great! Now what? How do you train to go longer, fast and basically change it  up?

I am a big fan of a no-brainer run schedule. If you start to think about it, the chances of your running getting done. Right?

Here is a sample schedule to do. 5-6 days: 30 minutes a day. You have 30 minutes, right? Mix & match days to fit your lifestyle and GO GO GO!

Monday: 30 minutes casual run.

Tuesday: Track. 2 laps slow. 4 laps, 1 at a time, with a 1 minute rest in between. The pace should be faster rate that you would not want to go for any longer.

Wednesday: Hills or Stairs. Up and down.

Barbie Hull Photography

Barbie Hull Photography

Thursday: 30 minutes casual slow.

Friday: Rest or Cross-training.

Saturday: Slow, but shoot for 35 minutes and try to extend 5 minutes each week.

Sunday: Rest


RE:AL Coaching: Buttkicking & Buttslaps

10338384_10203875145144296_6797392959006664017_oHi. My name is Beth, and I am gonna kick your butt.

See, just look at me. I am so mean!!

When I started this business, 10 years ago, I realized pretty good at one thing. Not getting people to run, or showing them about fitness. Nope. It was being having a ninja like ability to cut out excuses, getting people to get out of their heads, and de-clutter negative self talk crap. Because life is too damn short for that shit.

I am very good at that.

And in the past few months I have been experimenting doing this one on one, as a way to help people and get them moving, losing weight, and hitting their big life goals. But it is not for the weak of heart. I get kinda real. LIke REAL real. And they have gotten REal results, and pretty quickly too.

Now, I am looking for a few more people to take on.

1 month REal Bundle Includes:

  • 1 hour in person, or Skype session (if not in Seattle)
  • 4 x 30 min weekly in depth coaching phone calls
  • Weekly schedule and home work (with strict follow-up)
  • Exercise accountability: We’ll use Strava, as a tool.
  • Weekly progress reports.
  • Text questions and cheerleading  (between certain hours of the day)
  • *REal life food audit (*if food management is a goal) and meal planning
  • $475/month

I will only be taking 5 people, and want to make sure we will be a good fit.

SO! If you are interested, please e-mail me and let me know the following:

  1. Your OVER ALL GOALS! (health or life wise)
  2. Your mental blocks. (if you know)
  3. Your commitment level. (on a scale form 1-10)

I am really excited to do this, and I am excited to get you going.


why i run. the real story.

Why I run.

…….because because because.

I have legs that work, and a big ol heart.

Everything scares me, and running use to scare me too. But then I got over that, and when  I run, it reminds me that I can be scared and do anything.

My sleeves don’t have enough snot on them.

It brings me community and connection that I woefully need.

I feel strong and sexy at the same time.

It is the realest thing my body knows how to do.

I don’t need make-up or to dress up fancy or put any kind of fancy shell on first. I can just show up.

My dad runs.

I use to hate it.

My old high school boyfriend told me I couldn’t and that I was fat, also, I hated in high school.

Sometimes, I have no idea how to mother, and running away seems to be the only option. I always come back.

Because sometimes, my mom couldn’t handle being a mother, and she didn’t always come back.

I love my son, and running reminds me to just feel that love very very hard.

I want to live a long life.

I don’t want to be scared.

When I don’t have the answer and I can either find it on a run or realize it doesn’t really matter after all.

My jokes are funnier to others who are all hopped up on endorphins.

To remember how wonderful and lovely life, people and this world is.

To see this earth and move over it with my own two damn feet.

Because beer and doughnuts are so good and like to make a home on my thighs as a special fuel reserves.

I will always have energy to run, and a super power to teach other people to learn to run.

I get to see and talk to the most human part of people.

Because I get to.