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Make Running Fun

  I have to admit, I question why I run sometimes. And if I question that, my livelihood, motivation and a lot of my identity, is under threat. 

And that’s when I go for a run and get crystal clear with what is the big deal is.

  • It sucks when I start.
  • The weather non-conducive for anything but fish. (seriously, my shoes are now always wet.)
  • I’m not gonna win a prize, prove anything, or lose weight.
  • Sometimes, I feel like an 80-year-old after a long week.

But then after the run. Whoa. My head lifts up, my shoulders go back and my stress is gone. And now I am hitting the trails of Issaquah, which is lighting up a whole new part of my brain in a way that is humbling and exciting all at the same time. It’s that extra layer of motivation under trees and through mud. So so much mud.
It’s so fun. 

So just putting this out there for you. Question what you are doing and then go do it for the fun of it. You might fall in love with it all over again.

Here are 5 ways to have fun on your run!!
1. Recruit a running buddy, and talk about trashy celebrity gossip. 
2. Wave to random cars. Especially when running on overpasses.
3. Blow kisses to restaurant patrons.
4. Random high 5 a runner, or ALL THE RUNNERS!
5. Sprint the last 50 feet of a run and start jumping up and down screaming ” I won! I won!!!”

NTMF: Kelly is a Bad Ass

 Because Kelly is a bad ass. She showed me, on a run years ago, she was on my Couch to 5k class. She kept running and graduated to RockIt. Then last year, she continued to impress me with some huge life changes, and the decision to run a marathon.

I love evolution. I love runners. I love runners who show up, kick ass, and take life by the balls.  What happened to her broke my heart.

No one should have to put up with what she had to go through.



Thank you, Kelly, for putting yourself, and your story out there. I know it will save lives.

You are brave, even when you don’t feel like it, in all this aftermath. You are a bad ass. 

With her full permission, we are making REC shirts (dark grey, try-blend, scoop neck or men’s crew neck) with Kelly’s battle cry. All proceeds will be going to a charity of Kelly’s choosing.

Thanks all for your orders. Shirts will be shipped out in 4/10.

#TuesdayTrainingTips: 50 Down & Dirty Newbie Running Tips

  1. 1. Sip water all day, not a gallon before you run.
  2. If you drink a gallon, and you’ll need to find a bathroom now.
  3. Shoes last between 300-500 miles.
  4. Running burns about 100 calories per mile.
  5. Body glide prevents chaffing.
  6. Dress like it’s 20 warmer than it really is.
  7. No cotton socks.
  8. Running with a buddy is better.
  9. Listening to music or podcast is a close second.
  10. Chewing gum helps dry mouth from running.
  11. Start your runs off nice and slow.
  12. Sprinting the last 100 meters at the end of your runs increases endurance.
  13. Achy muscles/joints = Ice.
  14. Epson salt baths are also great for achy muscles.
  15. Acute pain = REST
  16. Schedule your runs. Make it happen.
  17. Put out your clothes the night before your morning runs.
  18. Make yourself a special playlist just for running.
  19. On cold days, put your running clothes in the dryer.
  20. Make small weekly goals.
  21. Write down goals.
  22. Celebrate your goals you accomplished every time. 
  23. Sign up for races to help motivate yourself.
  24. A foam roller is your best friend.
  25. Your foam roller will make you cuss like a sailor.
  26. Write the date that you bought your shoes on the inside tongue with a sharpie.
  27. If you can’t remember when you bought your shoes…you need new shoes.
  28. Listen to your body, not your brain.
  29. Your brain is a liar.
  30. Relax your hands. Pretend your holding butterflies.
  31. Don’t kill your butterflies.
  32. Baseball hats will keep the sun off your face.
  33. Baseball hats will keep the rain off your face.
  34. You will not melt if you run in the rain.
  35. Rain is like sweat but without the salt.
  36. Seriously, running in the rain is awesome.
  37. Keep your chest out.
  38. If you run, you are a runner.
  39. Stretch after you are warmed up.
  40. Hills make your butt look amazing.
  41. Run up on your toes a little, when running up hills.
  42. Your butt looks good today.
  43. Get it, girl.
  44. A dog is the best kind of running buddy.
  45. If your mind gets cranky on a run, you may need some fuel.
  46. Don’t fuel with cheeseburgers during a run. Take my word on this one.
  47. A bad run is better than a no run.
  48. Endorphins are the cheapest and best drug ever.
  49. Sometimes endorphins are only felt after the run is over.
  50. You are a badass runner person. You can do this. Promise.

We Are One.

(warning: my editor/husband/love machine did not look this over and is riddled with all the grammer issues.)


My super power: I see people, like really see people. I see who they are, and what motivates them. I am very good at it, and it helps in my job. Another fun fact is I know a lot of people. Not a brag, its true. Running with over 2000 people in the last 10 years, its just a fact. (And when I do brag, it’s about my rocking butt or my hilarious sense of humor…I am very funny, and humble) And with those 2 things, I have seen, met, and listened to people for the last decade. I love this, and is what actually springs me out of bed in the morning, and makes me fulfilled. It’s the part of my day where I know that humanity is all the same. We all want to be seen, be heard and be loved. I believe this in my pulsing aorta of my heart.  And this gift of believing, and listening to people when they are vulnerable in the heaves of multiple miles, has given me a window into peoples lives. And let me tell you everyone, this window is mostly tragically cracked, with streams of light coming through the splinters of glass. I have run with people from every walk of life, from millionaires to homeless, and I have heard stories on runs that would make the anyone fall to your knees and weep. Stories of much too soon deaths, heart break to the millionth degree, broken families and tragic situations that I can’t even think about with out tearing up. We are all hurting.


Current situation: I am in a mega day of travel, on my way to Washington D.C. to stand with a being of women,  that is bigger then myself, to help the people who are alone and who are hurting.

Oh, the irony.

I am marching, because most people are in the shit, and suffering secretly, shrouded in shame, guilt and crisis, and very few of them can pull themselves out. And as someone who has been in the the thickest of crap, and was able to pull myself out, I feel it is my duty and love to help others get up, get help, and be free.

And I really love the power of a movement.

My Goal:  Shocker, we are not born lucky. The lucky ones do things that align of who they are, and then the world comes together for them, like magic. Some people, most people, don’t have the luxury of doing things this way. They have unimaginable obligations, burdens and tethers, either physical or mental, that ties them down. And then there are those who don’t think that are better then everyone else. I have believed this myself, in the past. But all of that draws out fear, judgement and closed mindedness. If we can see each other as humans, we can slay the fear, and help each other up and out towards a better way.

Please: One thing I would love to ask you is talk to people, different people, who may scare your on some level. Being scared is not a bad thing, it’s how we handle that fear, and usually the fear isn’t real…actually, most of the time.

Truth: No one is better then anyone else. We are all just people, who want to be heard, to be seen and to be loved. And we all deserve this.

All of us.